Sunday, September 26, 2004


Has anyone ever provoked the shit out of you? Excuse my French, but I am sooooooooo aggravated at the moment!!!!! What do I mean by aggravated? Aggravated is to rouse to exasperation or anger; in other words PROVOKED!!!!!! Why? It's an encounter that I had in work, I'm just not telling that story again, but bottom line those two ladies just got to me!!!!!!

I can't believe I am that provoked to the extent of wanting to hit something or someone, I usually get out my negative energy through exercise and thank God I am exercising tonight!!!

It has been a looooong time since I last touched my blogger, although I've been continuously writing in my diary!Thanx for everyone who has been reading my never ending nonsense and and for all the nice comments, I have gone through them, and have checked your blogs, they are all great! and by the way, I got the Shabaka CD, out of curiosity of course, since I am the MOST curious CAT in town :))))))

About Shabaka, it's different and creative, although it tried to touch on soooooo many issues at the same time, but over all nice work guys!

Apart from that, life has been good to me this past period and maybe that was the cause of not writing, I have come to realize that I always write when something really provokes me or pushes me to comment and reflect!

I am really not in the mood for thinking about any abstract concepts or ideas now, and to tell u the truth I feel I am a bit boring so I'd better take off now, bye for now!!!!!!