Thursday, August 12, 2004

Whether the Glass is Half Full or Half Empty isn't the Question?

Hi, been a while since I last"blogged" :) well, I've been writing in my diary though, well I just felt in the mood to jot some things down. Nothing specific though, just free writing!

So what has been going on lately with me? Nothing much, today I went and picked up my acceptance letter for the MBA from AUC, and I got the photography book (I am currently taking photography classes, that's why). Anyway, I met one of my best friends' (Laila) mother, she is an extremely nice lady and she works at AUC, I chatted with her for a while and we agreed to travel somewhere when Laila comes back, she's in Beirut now and she's supposed to come back next Sundy!

To those of you who don't know laila, she's just graduated from AUC with a major in Theatre and a minor in Arabic Literature, she is a very interesting girl, and we have lots in common, I just adore that girl :) Anyway, her mum is also a sweetheart and was really delighted that I met her this morning!

Then I went and had a coffee at Cilantro infront of AUC, then I came back home and then I went out and did some girlie stuff ;) well, for those who know me they know I am not a girls' fan and I think they have a talent for complicating things and if I am allowed to borrow the term "sweating over simple stuff" hahahahhahhaha, but on the other hand I have never regretted being a girl, not that I had the choice hahahha, but seriously there something special about being a woman :)

By the way don't get me wrong, I was never a feminist and I do NOT believe in equality between a man and a woman!!!! Strange to hear that? Well it's true I believe a man is a man and a woman is a woman and doesn't undermine the status of women or dictate they are second degree citizens, on the contrary, I think it gives them pride,charm, and delicacy. I mean, I enjoy being taken care of by a man and I don't mind compromising lots of things for him, as long as he respects me and I am left to do that willingly, there is no point about being stubborn and insisting of taking control, I just see it's a waste of energy and time and it burns the relationship! Did you ever hear the joke:

"If a wife always laughs at her husband's jokes, is he funny, or is she smart?" ;)

Well, it's more important to be smart when it comes to relationships and it's no big deal to do the things that satisfy your partner for you both to be happy, the problem comes in I guess when one is to arrogant to compensate for the other, then it becomes a problem and what could have been resolved in less than a second, becomes a life long dispute!

I think women who believe in equality are too stubborn to accept the truth. It's a fact of life :) But an idea struck me a couple of days ago when I was arguing with one of my friends and it has made me realize a very important conclusion. Well, she thought all Egyptian men are selfish and that she wanna marry a foreigner and that she hates being here. I found myself arguing the other way round and I wished her good luck, it seems she got pissed at my reaction and she thought I was being sarcastic when I was really not! Not to get into much detail about that story, the idea that struck me that I was talking about was:

If you show a person a half full, half empty glass of water and asked him, is this glass half empty or half full? Suppose he said it was half empty, while you said it was half full and you both started arguing? Could you prove him wrong just by proving the glass is half full?

the answer is "NO" because it is a fact that the glass is also half empty!!!!!

What I mean is that some ppl are living in the half empty, while others are living in the half full part of the glass and each hasn't experienced qualities of the other, which make each of them stick to their views and prejudices, without ever trying to consider the other person's world!!! and that is the whole point!

I found it useless to keep on arguing because I discovered we are each living in a separate world, or if I could call it a "bubble", and as much as I was convinced with what I believed about the issue, she was also, so it wa unfair to just impose my views on another!

the whole point out of this story I think is that it made me realize that each of us is living into a closed circle, I am not going into the argument of is this healthy or not, cause it's endless and goes back to the same point of being purely subjective. But, it is at least Constructive in a way that every once in a while we step out of our circles and watch the rest of the players, or even join in others' circles too, we might then discover we are different people all together!


Blogger R said...

Your blog is really interesting, and your Egnlish is amazing.
I mostly write in Arabic though.
If you want, check it out..
Beyond normal

September 11, 2004 at 4:08 AM  
Blogger R said...

I agree with you. I agree with her. I agree with you again that we are raised in closed circles and I think it's very healthy to get out and mix. It's healthy but should be slow and careful.
I agree that women and men are not identical. I don't like using the word equal at all because we are not amounts. We should have equal civil rights, but I will never ask for the right to be pregnant !!!
I agree with her that men in Egypt are very selfish, and -in fact- we have been raised in a very bad way; I would rather say most of us to be politically correct.
We (I mean most of us, including me)have been also raised in a way to be scared of differences, and one wishes if all others think like him/her. I believe that most of us -human beings- never reach enough maturity; part of maturity is to deal with differences and welcome them...
It's enough..


September 12, 2004 at 12:27 AM  
Blogger African Doctor said...

Hi Gucci
(Hi Ramy - i find you an every egyptian blog these days!)
Your blog is very nice, very interesting to read, specially that you have a different view of things.
posts are a bit long , so you guarantee a really interested devoted reader....
I'll flollow your blog regularly. If you are interested in the postings of an African -Egyptian person, check my blog : Africano
Good Luck

September 22, 2004 at 4:50 AM  
Blogger ensana said...

That is my first comment after I became a blogger.. which happened only yesterday! Africano is the first to introduce the bloggers to me and I've been visiting his spot and reading his lovely work before I became a blogger..
The title attracted me as it reminded me of a quotation I wrote.. you say people live in either the full or the empty half and argue endlessly who's on the right side.. I will write you my quotation that may explain my point of view..
"Reality is a half-full cup; when you are happy, you see it all full;
when you are distressed, you see it all empty.
But… reality is…. a cup that is half full."
So people are not living any reality, each is living his own illusion or let me say narrow part of the reality and thinking it is everything and are stuck there.. That's what I think.. what do you think??

July 27, 2005 at 11:36 AM  
Blogger The Eyewitness said...

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October 6, 2005 at 5:08 PM  

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