Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I just realized my yesterday's post was very negative, so i decided i have to write something more cheerful today :))))) it's just that i got unnecessarily affected by yesterday's incident, anyway lets not get into that story again!

So what has been going on? i went to the movies yesterday night, i watched Spider Man 2, i loved the movie, if any of you still hasn't gone, i suggest you go, and if you decide you're going, u can tell me, i don't mind seeing it again as a matter of fact hahahhahaha! there are a couple of other movies that i wanna go see, Youssef Chahine's new movie, one of my best best friends Laila was working on the costume design and Youssra El Lozy is starring in it, theey say she's a babe in the movie, apart from the fact she is a babe in real life ;) so i am excited to see it, also there is another that i thought i'd never say i want to see, but after i saw the preview yesterday i decided i want to go "Ghaby meno fee" or something like that, mesh fakra el 2esm bezabt, starring Nellie Karim, bamout feeha, she's just sooooo funny :) and Hani Ramzy! as for Mohamed Heneidy's new movie, i think it sucks bigtime, i didn't see it bas i saw the preview yesterday, same old jokes and style, khalas zehet men Mohamed Heneidy begad!
I heard mixed opinions on Adel Imam's new movie though, which makes me tempted to go see it too! Eih da ana maro7tesh talaterba3 el 2aflam 3ala fekra! need to start going more to the movies i suppose hahahhaha :)

I watched "The Devil's Own" this morning, my favorite celebrity: BRAD PITT, this actor is just sooo good, ya3ny sebko men eno begad mozza gidan ;) bas begad kaman beymasel hayel, wezareef wekol 7aga, walahy 7aga tefara7 en fee nas keda 3aysheen bas bardo 7aga te7azen: we never get to meet any of them grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

anyway, it's 3:45 p.m now, i'll probably go exercise in the evening, then i dunno haven't got any plans yet, i have to finish some stuff for work though, i might be doing those tonight!

anyway ana hamshy ba2a badal ma2abtedy 2a2ool ay kalam hahahhahahhha!


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