Monday, August 02, 2004

i can't believe it!!!

Shit, i can't believe i did that, i am on the verge of crying! i screwed up her day bigtime! well, woke up early and was too bored to sit at home, so i decided to go out cruise, i went out heading first to downtown taking el azhar street, i then passed by tahrir, zamalek, mohandessin, then back to heliopolis through the bridge, on my way back i was listenning to Sting, so i decided to go buy music, i went to a music store in heliopolis, i can't remember it's name, infront of cinema Normandy, i parked my car second row cuz there was no parking,spots, anyway, after parking, my car kept moving slowly backward and there was a car parked behind me, so i used my breaks to make it move slowly, then it stopped touching the car behind me gently without any bruises, i went into the store and as i was inside, a lady came in and was like"excuse me are so you have a Peugeot parked outside, i was like yes, she was like your car has hit my car, it's stuck to it, so i was like no imade sure my car didn't hit yours when i was parking and she was like then come and look, so i went outside with her and here it wass my car stuck to hers, it appears my car has a hook from behind and that hook has penetrated the lady's eksedam and she was very pissed i could see it in her eyes in her tone of voice, so i was like "i am very sorry, but i'll fix it for you, and i 'll do aything you want" so she was like i had just got it from repair cuz someone hit it llast week, i felt soooo bad for her, and put myself in her shoes, and thought: "what if it was my car that was hit? i kept apologising and i told her i know that i knew the word "sorry"could even make her more pissed, but that i was willing to do whatever she wanted and she said ok, so do u know somene to fix it i was like i don't but it's your call, if you know someone or you want to take it to the car's service, anything, she thought and then she was like "bossy khalas" i was like "are you sure" she was like yes, and then guess what she was like "merci lezo2ek" and she really menat it!!!!

Believe it or not this sentance is giving my guilt trips, i can't believe i hit her car and screwed her day and then i get thanked for it! Oh God i really feel like crying hard now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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