Saturday, August 07, 2004

Dunno what to call this one maybe "Love: the pigeons way" :)

Hey, it's 10:45 a.m now, I woke up at 7:00 (pretty early I know...... hahha), went to my massage session from 8-9:00, then went and bought a colour negative for my first photography assignment (but I haven' figured yet who's the victim hehehehehhe, guess I'll call one of my trainers in the gym, he's really cool and I think he'd look good in pictures, bas lets hope he agrees hahahahahhaha....That would be sooooo much fun :) Anyway, then I did my usual morning cruise into the streets of beautiful Cairo to downtown and Zamalek, grabbed a coffee from Cilantro and sipped it slowly on my way back, was listening to Sting, my God he's a real artist, I just love his music and his lyrics it's sooooooo damn good!

I got the CD "The Best of the Police and Sting" yesterday evening, it's a really cool one and it has all the nice songs except for my favorite that I still can't find "Shape of my Heart", this is such a cool song and the words are soooo symbolic! I particularly like: "An English Man in New York" "be yourself no matter what they say" isn't that the best line ever, I've always thought about it, do I be myself or conform to what I have to be, some ppl tell me I am very impulsive and that I am too open, but that's just the way I am , I dunno how to play mind games and tricks on ppl, I am just direct and lots of friends think I should be more mysterious u know hhahahahahahhahah well I really don't care, I'll just be myself no matter what they say ;)

Another particular song that I like is: "If you love somebody set them free" I just totally believe in that song and I believe if someone truly cares about someone else they should set them free, this reminds me of the pigeons, I particularly like to watch the pigeons, they are my symbol for freedom, the thing is, if you have pigeons you feed them and offer them shelter and they are free to roam the open sky, the fascinating thing about them is that they always come back home and they never run away, it's choice not chance, they were left to fly and they were free to either come back or leave forever yet they always came back! That's basically love from my point of view, it's freedom and space; it's choice not chance!

well, I don't mean to be philosophical or anything, but it's only a thought that struck cuz I am always the one who listens to endless stories of friends in relationships who are constantly complaining, and I realized that there is a common thread between all the stories, they are all tieing each other in chains, no setting free, always afraid of losing that other person, not realized it was basically that other person's choice to be with them,which means they were free not to get into it in the first place and this has to mean there was something special about being with that particular person, so instead of worrying too much, they can just think what was that special something about them and try t nurture it instead of killing it with too much jealousy and shit, to everyone out there, let me tell you one advise "el gheera fel 7ob khateera hhahhaahahhahahhaha" :)))

Anyway, I dunno why I got in the mood for being a mosle7a egtema3eya? Sociology/Anthropology 3ala Psychology hahhahahaahhahaha, I am going crazy wala eih? la2 la2 la2 ana lazem 2amshy 7alan abl mabtedy 2a2oool ay kalam fel 7amam, hahahhahahahaha, to anyone who read this sorry for that, but there is something about personal freedom that just gets me excited, so don't open this subject infront of me or else mesh hatekhlaso meny hahahahhahahhahaha, anyway gotta go now, see u later :))))))))


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