Thursday, July 29, 2004

Life is beautiful :)

Life is good to me :) i believe today is my lucky day. I woke up early to drop my brother's German friends to the airport (they have been staying at our place for a week); then i returned home, slept for a while, then went to exercise, up till that point the day was pretty much normal, as a matter of fact, i wasn't at my best of moods, anyway as i was sitting, i recieved a phone call from AUC, telling me i was admitted in the MBA program for the Fall semester, i couldn't believe it! i had completely forgotten about it, especially that i had to get a higher GMAT score, and i have started thinking of pusuing the Sciology/Anthropology degree, i applied for both and was sure i won't be admitted for the MBA, and i'll be accepted in the Sociology/Anthropology, but the exact opposite happened, a week ago i was told i wasn't accepted in the SOC/Anthro program due to my late admission and that they were not accepting any more students, so i decided to forget about my master's for the time being and start thinking again after i retake the GMAT before the Spring semester!

I guess that's the omen for me to take up the MBA program and resolve my inner dilamma! Life is very strange sometimes, but this always happens to me when i am on the verge on making a major decision, something always happens to make me do what i gotta do!

That's what i like best about life, the unexpected, surprises, challenges, and uncertainty. i guess if we knew what would happen the next minute, life would have been very boring, not only boring, but unliveable, i mean who would take a chance on anything if he knew he'll lose! we would have been reluctant to do anything, maybe we even would have chosen to end our lives! i have read a short story by i can't remember either Tawfik el Hakim or Youssef Idrees, it was called "El Ekhtera3 El 3ageeb" it was talking about this new machine that allows a person to see through his future, and whenever someone chose to know, his/her life changed forever and they were no more able to take it, to the extent that lots of them started committing suicide! Isn't it very true??? What if i knew the future, only the thought of it makes me shiver, i am better off the way i am, hoping, dreaming, wishing, trying hard for things to happen!

Anyway, why did i go through this to begin with, i dunno! well if anyone is ever reading this, excuse my blogging, it's just that sometimes a thought comes to my mind and i feel like reflecting on it! i'd better go now before i start into another thought and start blogging hehehehhehehehhehe :)


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