Thursday, July 29, 2004

Simple Beliefs Of A "Cosmopolitan" Living Being :)

I am listening to cool music, the CD called "late night moods", the music just got me thinking about my favorite things, maybe my favorite colors, songs, movies, sayings, ppl, etc. I dunno where to start but I sometimes prefer to be a person of no favorites, cause I believe everything is special in it's own way, and it's unfair to favor something for another, lets just call it things that I particularly like :)

well lets start it like that, what do I believe in, I'll start with my beliefs and I invite anyone who ever reads those blogs to share his/her beliefs with mine! I once reflected about that issue before and wrote this in my diary on the 23rd of May 2003:

" I believe in many things, I believe in omens, in miracles, in the full moon, in lady bugs,in a fresh sunrise, and a beautiful sunset, in the ocean and the sea, in nature with all it's beauty, in animals :), in constellations, in the best of silence, in positive energy transference, in love at first sight, in a baby's smile, in chocolate's effect, in exercising, in adventure, in touching other peoples' lives and changing them for the better, in gifts, in little things that do matter, in dancing, in God who made all this possible"

Today is the 29th of July 2004, more than a year later, and here am I, I believe in those same exact things :) I'll reflect on each one at a time!

Omens: those happen to me all the time to show me what I have to do, and which road I should take, funny that just reminded me with the poem the Road Not Taken for Robert Frost, a classic that most of us have studied in school, if you ever get the time look it up, it's a cool poem!

Miracles: I believe they happen all the time, it's just that we have habituated to them happening, so we have stopped seeing them, but the sun rising everyday is a miracle, rain fall is a miracle, and I don't wanna start cause they are countless, I once read that: " miracles have a way of happening to those who believe in them" and I certainly believe :)

The full moon: that doesn't fail to fascinate me everytime I see it! Only the thought of it makes me smile. Lots of myths revolve around the full moon, although lots of ppl argue, none of these myths are true (or else they wouldn't have been called myths I suppose hahah) but still believe there is something special about it, at least for me!

Lady bugs: my favorite insects, I love the red ones in particular, I once found one in the plane, I can't remember where I was going, but I gave me a sense of optimism and happiness! The last time I found a lady bug was recently when I was at Fayed, I was lying alone by the pool and I found it in the water,I took it out and had it walk on my body for a while, then I set it free!

A fresh Sunrise: the last time I witnessed on was at Basata a week ago, I woke up very early and stood at the beach and watched the sun slowly rise, it was amazing!

A beautiful sunset: the most beautiful sunset I've seen was when I was at Hurgada last Easter, I was coming back from the Mahmeya in a boat and I sat alone watching the the never ending sea, the sunset was beautiful, I 'll never forget that scene, it was truly special!

The ocean and the sea: oceans and seas resemble life to me, on the one hand they are home for zillions of living creatures:fish, corrals, dolphins, sharks,etc. on the other hand, they go on, never stopping for anyone or anything, just like life, life goes on and the ocean and sea goes on!

Nature: I just love it, and I completely believe in it, there is nothing more beautiful or organized, everything seems to fit in its place in perfect harmony with all others, colors, sounds, scents, everything!I particularly love the Spring, I was born on the first day of spring 21st of March, and my name is Yasmine ( a flower's name) perhaps that explains it hahahha, I love Jacoranda trees, these are trees that have purple flowers that bloom in spring, the last time I enjoyed them, was last spring when I decided to take a walk alone in zamalek and all the trees where in bloom :)

Animals: I am the animals best friend, I always had dogs and I have seen them give birth, that was sooooooo touching. My life long wish will be to work in a zoo, or in something to do with the wildlife! I love to watch the pigeons, they are my symbol for freedom, I used to watch them on my way back from college taking el Azhar street, the last time I watched them I was sitting in front of Al Hussein waiting for some friends!

Constellations: isn't it amazing that the light we see from constelations was transmitted millions of years ago and the light transmitted today will be seen by ppl in a millions of years?! I enjoy gazing at constellations, Urtha Minor, and Urtha Major, Orion (those are the ones that I always depict) the last time I looked at the clear sky was last week at basata!

The best of silence: well this might sound strange, but silence has a voice and it's voice is LOUD! It's just because we are used to it that it becomes silence, like anything: if you see or listen to something all the time, your mind habituates to it and it becomes silence. The best of silence for me is when you enjoy it with someone else and you both listen to it and know what you're both listing to, this might sound crazy or silly,but remember this is my personal blog, this means I have the right to get silly and crazy hahahhahahaha :)

Positive energy transference: well energy flows between everything in the universe, we emit energy and are affected by other's energies! I believe if you keep up a positive energy, you transmit it and it becomes contagious. Imagine you're riding the bus and the person sitting beside you in depressed and holding a grim look, you could amost hear him complain although he's silent, what would that do to you? Probably make you irritant and uncomfortable, but what if the person sitting beside u, holds a beautiful smile, if he looks at you, you won't help but smile back, which would make you feel better. I once read the advise : " Always smile when you pick the phone, the other person on the other end will see it" I try to do that, although sometimes I miss hahhahahaha, try smiling to yourself in the mirror when u wake up in the morning :)))))))))

Love at first sight: well I don't want to sound corny, or a pathetic romantic, and I don't want anyone to say (as you're probably thinking now ;) this is a line from a movie! Yes I believe in love at first sight, or to put it in a better way, I believe the first time you see someone you develop something towards that person: this something could be dislike, like, admiration, disgust, love is a very deep abstract concept that can't develop from first sight, but at least you know whether you could eventually love that person, or it's out of the question hahhahahahhahaa (although I believe nothing is out of the question) but do you get my point here?

A baby's smile: isn't that the most genuine and innocent smile. Do you know that babies tend to smile to good looking faces? Well at least that's what I knew when I studied child psychology hahhahahaha but seriously, I like to make baby's laugh because I think it isn't an easy thing, because if the baby thinks you are boring he'll never smile to you!!!!!! (if you think you are a boring person perhaps you should practice making babies smile hahhahahahhaha)

Chocolate's effect: well apart from the fact that chocolate releases special endorphins in the brain that makes us happy, it makes me feel better :)))) what's my favorite chocolate bar?? I dunno I like most of them hehheheeh, lets see I like the Kinder and the the Crunch yummmmmie :)

Exercising: can't do without it! ever since I've decided to exercise regularly (I can't remember when was that hahha) my life has become better, I just feel I am alive :) my best workout was jogging under the rain, that was sooooooooo much fun:)

Adventure: I always had the dream of becoming someone who does something risky and adventurous, so what was the most adventure I've done??? Lets see, this one is hard!!!!! Well I think my last year's trip camping in Sinai was the most! No way was that my maximum, I think I have to start becoming more adventurous!!!! Well I to tell u the truth I get a bit scared of some stuff sometimes (now my face is red in embarrassment!!!) well, not everything though, the next thing I want to do is bungee jump, but some more adventurous has to come with me I suppose hehehhehehehe! I remember another adventure I've done, well but I don't want to make this public, lets just call it the "Space Cake experience" hehhehehehehe

Touching other people's lives and changing them for the better: well this might sound toooo complex, or deep, but the truth is it isn't I mean touching a person's life could be in the slightest thing we do. I once read that every person you meet in your life is for a reason, even if you happen to see that person only once in your lifetime! Imagine you are Stuck on kobry 6 October, your car went out of gas and the bridge is soooooo damn crowded, your car stops and the whole bridge stopped just because of you, "ya rab maye7saleesh keda :))" imagine how would you feel: excuse my French but SHITTY!!!! and that one person stops and happens to have jerken banzine and helps you, u might never see that person again, but imagine if he hadn't stopped for you, you might have still be standing on the bridge till now (of course I'm exaggerating hehhehehehhe) but you see the point! Strangely enough the person that has touched my life and changed it to the better, was one of my girl friends at school, this is a looooooong story, but to sum it up, she gave me the hardest time ever, and managed to make my life miserable for a whole year, as much as I don't wanna see her again, as much as I owe her for teaching me lots of lessons, one of them was: Thank God I am not marrying a Woman (to all men out there,ana far7ana feeko, elbesooona ba2a hahhahahaahah)

Gifts: these are my favorite :)))))) I just enjoy getting gifts, and I believe a gift is a thought, and that is more important than the gift itself, because it take more than just getting anything, it takes guessing what that someone would like to get and that's the most difficult part. I often spend a lot of time on gifts. the coolest gift I think I ever got was an red metal airplane that I got from Amsterdam for one of my best friends, who just adored flying and hasn't wished for anything except of being a pilot (which didn't happen) I searched all over the country for the plane and all my friends thought I was crazy and laughed at me, until I saw that plane in a shop in Amsterdam and I couldn't help but buy it! Well the nicest thing about gifts is seeing the look on the person's face when he opens it! there is someone out there dying to know what his gift is but hehhehehehehhehe (you get it when you get it) but don't get too excited I am not sure you'll like it, but if you didn't forgive me after all I haven't been knowing you for a long time, so I guess I am excused, I promise the next gift would be better ;)

Little things that do matter: well I believe in little things, a smile can make someone's day better, a pat on the back, a simple hug when someone really needs it, a genuine compliment (but hey, it has to be sincere, mesh monafqa). Personally, I get very touched by small things that might pass unnoticed, while fancy, big things don't catch my attention!

Dancing: hehehehehehhehehehehhe have you ever heard the quote that says: " Work as if you don't need the money;Love as if you have never been hurt; and dance as if nobody is watching" that is my motto in life! I am not a good dancer by the way, I once went to salsa classes and I sucked at it, the instructor also thought I sucked heheheheheh and she was like "Yasmine go to the back cause the boys are better than you" hahhahahahahhaha that was sooo funny, but I still love dancing and will continue to dance, I just think that music is the a universal language and that what it does to u, in terms of body movement in response is a kind of magic, when was the hardest time I danced????? GoGo's wedding I think (aywa bel soufara hahahahahah) no there was another time in Gouna where I was dancing all around and everybody thought I was drunk, bas walahy I was SOBER hehhehehehehhe!

God: I can't say except thank you for everything and He's the most I believe in, I guess anything else I say wouldn't explain this one!

I can't believe I wrote all that, and I don't think anyone will be interested to read it or have the time or patience to go through it all! Well if you have reached this point then thank you so much, I would appreciate it if you leave me a comment, or share you beliefs with me and I promise I'll read through them all!

I guess that's enough blogging, probably I shouldn't be writing for a month! A MONTH: that's too much, maybe I'll write something small tmw hehehehhehehehe :)))) BYE for Now !!!!!!!

P.S. Please excuse my spelling and grammatical mistakes, after all this was just free writing, so I thought it's better to leave out these small errors!

Life is beautiful :)

Life is good to me :) i believe today is my lucky day. I woke up early to drop my brother's German friends to the airport (they have been staying at our place for a week); then i returned home, slept for a while, then went to exercise, up till that point the day was pretty much normal, as a matter of fact, i wasn't at my best of moods, anyway as i was sitting, i recieved a phone call from AUC, telling me i was admitted in the MBA program for the Fall semester, i couldn't believe it! i had completely forgotten about it, especially that i had to get a higher GMAT score, and i have started thinking of pusuing the Sciology/Anthropology degree, i applied for both and was sure i won't be admitted for the MBA, and i'll be accepted in the Sociology/Anthropology, but the exact opposite happened, a week ago i was told i wasn't accepted in the SOC/Anthro program due to my late admission and that they were not accepting any more students, so i decided to forget about my master's for the time being and start thinking again after i retake the GMAT before the Spring semester!

I guess that's the omen for me to take up the MBA program and resolve my inner dilamma! Life is very strange sometimes, but this always happens to me when i am on the verge on making a major decision, something always happens to make me do what i gotta do!

That's what i like best about life, the unexpected, surprises, challenges, and uncertainty. i guess if we knew what would happen the next minute, life would have been very boring, not only boring, but unliveable, i mean who would take a chance on anything if he knew he'll lose! we would have been reluctant to do anything, maybe we even would have chosen to end our lives! i have read a short story by i can't remember either Tawfik el Hakim or Youssef Idrees, it was called "El Ekhtera3 El 3ageeb" it was talking about this new machine that allows a person to see through his future, and whenever someone chose to know, his/her life changed forever and they were no more able to take it, to the extent that lots of them started committing suicide! Isn't it very true??? What if i knew the future, only the thought of it makes me shiver, i am better off the way i am, hoping, dreaming, wishing, trying hard for things to happen!

Anyway, why did i go through this to begin with, i dunno! well if anyone is ever reading this, excuse my blogging, it's just that sometimes a thought comes to my mind and i feel like reflecting on it! i'd better go now before i start into another thought and start blogging hehehehhehehehhehe :)

Monday, July 26, 2004


Hi, this is Yasmine. To tell you the truth, it's weird to hear my name, everyone happens to call me with a totally different one! At home, they call me Tootie; my friends call me different things: Jazz, Jazzy, Yasso, Jess, Meena, and Gucci & it's derivatives (the one I love the most :)

The nickname Gucci has a story, actually a very funny one. No it's not about Gucci the brand!!!! Well i was once in White bar with some friends and a friend of mine ordered a dish called "Ganucci a la white" this is a special kind of pasta, but the right pronounciation for "Ganucci" is "Neuoki" not "Gan-ou-chi" as we said hehhehehehe, the waiter then got the dish and he was like "Neuki ala white" so we were like no we ordered "Gan-ou-chi" that was sooo funny, and ever since this friend of mine started calling me "Ganucci", then my friends shortened the name to Gucci hahahahhahahaha, Bregitte if you are ever reading this i'm sure you're now laughing hahahahhaahhaha :))))

Anyway, I find the blog idea very interesting; lots of times I feel like talking, and I keep a regular diary, the only diff erence of course is that the blog is public, so don't expect to find everything about me here, you might get to know me better, but there is more to me, I promise ;)

ok just in case u don't me, I graduated from AUC, with a major in economics and a minor in psychology, I am now doing a post graduate diploma in IT management and intending to start my master's next Spring, but still confused about which program to pursue either an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems or Sociology/Anthropology, sounds like they are two different fields altogether, well I wouldn't have been confused if they were not! Anyway, lets not go into this discussion.

I find the blog idea very interesting, and I have to admit the reason why I created a blogger was that I was tempted to refute on one of my friends' blogs, so I ended up creating my own and still haven't commented on his hehehehhehehe!

Anyway, welcome to my world and my never ending bloggggggggggggggggggggggging :)))